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Brackets for cultivation tables


Estructura para mesa para  invernadero. Patas para mesa de cultivo en invernadero y semillero

JAYFER PS3040 Bracket

The Jayfer PS3040 bracket is the base of the J501 grow table. It is made up of a 40x30 curved profile and a piece that assembles the base of the cultivation table with the profile.

For infrastructures with an omega profile, we have developed the PS3070 bracket.


Both supports go through a galvanizing process to prevent oxidation and are manufactured in our facilities.

JAYFER Slidepot bracket

The JAYFER Slidepot support is an essential part of the new cultivation system, since it is the base of the structure on which the tray rests. It is made up of three nylon pieces that join the structure and an angle that reinforces the stability of the table.


Preventing trees from resting on pots on the ground is essential as it helps prevent pests and root diseases. In addition, it allows to store more trees and plants in the same space, which increases the productivity and efficiency of farmers and nurseries.

Our patented design helps prevent worker fatigue and injury, as the operator does not need to bend down to graft or treat the tree. 

Estructura para mesa para árboles. Patas para mesa de cultivo de árboles en vivero, semillero e invernadero
Our supports can be purchased separately and can be adapted to other structures that our clients already have.
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