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Working with the best

At JAYFER we have a wide portfolio of clients located in more than 15 different countries. Our largest customer base is in Europe. Thanks to the great development of the agricultural sector in Spain and its importance worldwide, our clients bet on our technology to continue improving production processes.

Our main clients mainly belong to the design, manufacture and integration of greenhouse systems, and to the production and marketing of a wide range of vegetables, fruits and trees.

Currently, we have a portfolio of more than 100 clients located on 4 continents. Our relationships with companies in the destination country allow us to reach almost any part of the world.

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In the constant search for the improvement of production processes and the design of cultivation tables, we have created an alliance with entities specialized in citrus, seeking excellence through teamwork.

In conclusion, our innovative technology in the greenhouse sector has positioned us as one of the leading companies in the agricultural industry worldwide. With an ever-growing client base and our commitment to innovation and collaboration, JAYFER continues to lead the market.

If you are interested in being part of our distribution team, do not hesitate to contact us!

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