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Special growing tables

We have designed alternatives for special needs adapted to the characteristics of our clients' crops.

Always having as main premise the maximization of space and cost savings in order to increase the competitiveness of our clients, we have designed a table with two heights in which the cultivation capacity of the facilities is doubled.

What is the table with two heights?

The table with two heights is a solution created by our team of engineers to increase the cultivation capacity of the facilities without the need to expand its physical space. It is a structure with two levels in which plants can be placed on both sides. The table has a suitable height for cultivation and is divided into two parts, each of which can be adjusted according to the needs of the plants.

Mesa de cultivo con dos alturas para invernadero. Mesa con dos alturas para vivero
Mesa para cultivo hidropónico. Mesa adaptadas a cultivo hidropónico

Why is this alternative useful for cultivation?

This infrastructure is especially useful for crops that have a high turnover and do not need long seasons of sun exposure for plant growth. From time to time, the plants change levels, thus ensuring that they all have the same growing conditions.

In addition, we manufacture tables adapted to trays and structures for hydroponic cultivation depending on the needs of our clients.

Jayfer Tray Table: Adaptability and Versatility

Mesa de cultivo con bandejero para bandeja termoformada
Bandejero con bandeja termoformada.
IMG_9142 Large.jpeg

Adaptability for all types of trays and containers

  • The J501 table as a universal solution for cultivation.

  • Benefits of adaptability: ease of use and space savings.

Operation of the tray system on the Jayfer table

  • Smooth and effortless sliding from one end of the table.

  • Compatibility with all types of trays, boxes and thermoformed products.

  • Lighter and more economical system than other tray options.

Use of the table for polystyrene trays and boxes

  • Versatility of the Jayfer table in different cultivation contexts.

  • Space and resource savings with adaptation to different types of containers.

Benefits of the adaptability and versatility of the Jayfer table

  • Time and effort savings in crop management.

  • Increased efficiency and productivity in production.

  • Reduced costs in the acquisition of specific systems for different types of trays and containers.

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