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Mesa para cultivo hidropónico. Mesa móvil para hidropónico sobre la cual se ajustan las canales y permite la extensión y recolección desde el pasillo. Mesa para invernadero de cultivo hidropónico

Table for hydroponic cultivation

Revolutionary work system that proposes a different way of cultivating.

Mobile cultivation tables for hydroponics are an innovative tool that allow cultivation and harvesting from a fixed point. This feature prevents workers from moving, increasing efficiency and allowing for easy and efficient harvesting.

Our design prevents workers from having to move between channels to cultivate or harvest, which prevents damage to the crop and improves production efficiency, since one worker is able to harvest the crop up to 3 times faster than with cultivation tables fixed.

Advantages of mobile hydroponics tables

Our growing tables for hydroponics are an excellent option for those who want to grow plants efficiently and safely, since they allow the infrastructure to be adapted to the type of channel of the client.

Hydroponics is a cultivation technique that is based on the use of nutrient-rich aqueous solutions instead of soil.  JAYFER hydroponics cultivation tables allow cultivation in a controlled and safe environment, which favors the production of high quality plants.

The fact that JAYFER hydroponic grow tables are priced similar to other traditional infrastructure is a great advantage, since our customers can adopt this innovative technology without incincur additional costs.

Cultivo hidropónico. Mesa para hidropónico Jayfer. Mesa para invernadero
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