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J501 Greenhouse Tables: Optimize Your Tray and Crate Cultivation with Our Cutting-Edge Solution

Our Jayfer 501 Rail Table is specifically designed for transporting trays and crates, aimed at simplifying the extension and harvesting of crops in greenhouses and seedbeds. The innovative design comprises ten rollers on each rail, providing a smooth and seamless movement of trays, thereby streamlining the work transport process.

Reducing production costs is crucial for maintaining competitiveness in the agriculture sector. Our greenhouse and seedbed tables are built with the primary goal of reducing the labor required in crop extension and collection. This feature is particularly advantageous for plants that require frequent mowing, such as onions, leeks, and lettuce, promoting crop rotation and maximizing productivity.

This video shows a worker using Jayfer 501 grow tables to spread crops that are stored in boxes. Also, it shows the benefits of using these tables, including labour savings, maximisation of space, increased comfort, speedy crop extension and collection, and injury prevention. By utilising these tables, the worker can extend the boxes from a fixed point, thus avoiding potential injuries that could arise from carrying them constantly.

Jayfer 501 Grow Tables are especially useful for heavy plastic trays or boxes, providing a practical and convenient solution for modern agriculture. This method offers a simple and efficient way to spread and harvest crops without causing injury to workers while also maximising space and reducing labour costs.

The J501 system consists of three main components: the JAYFER PS3040 bracket which serves as the base of the cultivation table, a 40x30 mm profile, and the Rail J501. These components are designed to meet the specific needs and characteristics of our clients' facilities. The height of the table can be customised to range from 30 cm to 1 metre, providing flexibility to suit different crops and growing environments.

Mesa para cultivo de flores sobre bandeja de poliespán
Mesa para cultivo de pimientos  en semilleroJ500

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