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Connectivity and efficiency in agriculture

At JAYFER, we strive to make your agricultural production more efficient and productive. We have developed a modern and sophisticated technology that allows our clients to be more competitive by saving costs by reducing labor and increasing the productivity of their facilities. 

Since we founded our company in 2007, our goal has been the design and development of technology focused on improving production processes. Clients located in different countries have already improved their agricultural production techniques, being more competitive in a global market.


Custom installations and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has led us to be the leading company in the sector in the manufacture of tables for cultivation in greenhouses, seedbeds and nurseries.

Invernadero. Semillero con bandejas. Mesa para bandejas de invernadero

Quality, Sustainability and Equal Opportunities

Our mission is to research, develop and find solutions to make the germination and crop growth process more efficient and productive, with total respect for the environment through the zero waste policy that defines us.

95% of the energy we use comes from renewable energy thanks to the solar panel installations that we have in our facilities.


We are fully committed to equal opportunities regardless of people's race, sex or physical condition. In our template, we have people with disabilities developing jobs in positions adapted to the conditions of each worker.

Our commitment to the quality and sustainability of our products is maximum, with the quality certificate of the Technological Institute of Plastics and the manufacturing guarantee.

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