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Mesa para cultivo de árboles. Mesa para cítricos. Mesa para cultivo de árbol de hueso

Mobile Tree Grow Table

Our innovative system for growing trees in nurseries and greenhouses avoids the use of disposable pots by allowing direct cultivation on them, which reduces the generation of waste and makes cultivation more sustainable.

This patented system has rollers incorporated into the tray and allows a single worker to be able to extend 650 trays, more than 5,500 trees, in one hour.

Mesa para cultivo de árboles en invernadero y semillero

Cultivation table structure for citrus.

The table structure can be fixed or mobile. The table's mobility is an added bonus, as you can spread out the crop and ensure that all trees receive the same amount of light.

Bandeja para cultivo de arboles. Bandeja para semillero. Bandeja para invernadero y vivero

Slidepot tray J08

The Slidepot J08 tray holds up to 8 trees. Its design favors the extension and harvesting of the crop, increases productivity by being able to store more trees in the same space and reduces costs by avoiding the use of disposable pots.

Mesa para vivero. Mesa para cultivo de árboles frutales. Bandeja para cítricos sobre estructura para vivero

Slidepot system J08

This innovative system has been developed to increase productivity and efficiency in tree production. Elevating the crop helps prevent soil pests and keep trees healthy.

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