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Revolutionising the Method of Cultivating in Greenhouses and Nurseries.


Full adaptation

Mesa para invernadero Campoejido. Mesa para semillero o vivero que favorece la extensión y recolección del cultivo


Mesa de cultivo para invernadero y semillero. Cultivo sobre infraestructura Jayfer. Adaptamos la mesa a las necesidades del cliente haciendo además mesas para vivero.


Varieties of Cultivation Tables

At our company, we provide an extensive range of tables for greenhouse and seedbed cultivation that cater to the unique requirements of each producer and the crops they cultivate. Our table designs enable the movement of crops on rails, thereby facilitating their extension and harvesting from a fixed point, reducing the need to move and enhancing productivity while minimising labor costs.


Mesa de cultivo para invernadero


Greenhouse table designed with the aim of facilitating the movement of trays or boxes on the J501 Rail, made up of 10 rollers bolted to the 40x30 profile.

Mesa de cultivo hidropónico. Mesa para hidropónico

Hydroponics table

Table for hydroponic cultivation designed to cultivate and harvest from a fixed point by means of mobile frames on which the carcasses are fixed.

Mesa de cultivo para invernadero sobre perfil semillero, perfil omega.


The Rail J500 has been designed to be installed on the omega profile, with the aim of taking advantage of customer facilities with this type of infrastructure.

Bandeja para árbol. Mesa de cultivo para vivero

Slidepot J08

System designed for the cultivation of trees from its initial planting phase to its final phase in which the tree is transferred to be cultivated.

Soporte para mesa de cultivo en invernadero y semillero

Support JAYFER U

Base of the J501 and J500 infrastructure that can be adapted to other structures. We have a variety of supports depending on the installed profile.

Mesa para cultivo de flores. Mesa para vivero

Special tables

We create custom cultivation tables that are designed to cater to the unique requirements of our clients' crops. Our tables are adapted to the specific characteristics and needs of each plant.

Advantages and benefits of our greenhouse and nursery growing tables: What you need to know

Extending and collecting the crop from a fixed point without the need to move, allows the worker to carry out his work four times faster than with any other system, which means great savings in manpower.


The fact that the infrastructure is elevated favors comfort when spreading and collecting the crop, reducing fatigue and the risk of injury. This improves productivity and safety at work.


Our patented systems allow you to maximize the growing area by avoiding unnecessary corridors and optimizing light, water and nutrients. In addition, it favors flexibility in crop rotation and the use of space.


By lifting the crop off the ground, you reduce exposure to soil pathogens and pests such as nematodes, mites, and fungi that can affect the roots and damage the crop. 

Our grow tables reduce the need for pesticides and other chemicals, which is good for the environment.


Rail J501 has a 25-year warranty. Our infrastructures are designed for continuous use over a long period of time, since we have the highest quality materials and guarantee certificates.


By having a level infrastructure, it can be ensured that all plants receive the same amount of light, water and nutrients, which improves plant growth and development and ultimately the quality and yield of the crop.

How we work

Growing tables adapted to your facilities.

Planteamiento del diseño en Jayfer


A new, innovative and efficient facility has several characteristics that make it unique. Due to the needs of the client, adapting an installation to obtain the maximum performance is our starting point.

Diseño sobre plano de las mesas de cultivo Jayfer


After knowing the client's facilities, designing and developing a map of the cultivation area, we offer a personalized budget prior to the manufacturing phase of the final product.

Fabricación de mesas de cultivo


In our facilities, we carry out the manufacture of the structure adapted to each client, seeking maximum efficiency and  productivity of the seedbed or greenhouse.

Instalación del sistema Slidepot J08 para cultivo de árboles en invernadero.


Once the material is delivered, our team moves to start the assembly and ensure that the installation is perfectly assembled. In addition, we have a team of assemblers, offering this service if requested by the client.

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