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Semilleros EL MIRADOR

Semilleros El Mirador, one of Europe's leading nurseries, has entrusted Jayfer to enhance its competitiveness in the agricultural sector.


In the ever-advancing world of agriculture, the key to success lies in innovation and efficiency. Semilleros El Mirador, a prominent player in greenhouse cultivation, recognized this need and teamed up with JAYFER Technology, a company renowned for their expertise in designing and manufacturing greenhouse tables. The result is a transformative project that has redefined greenhouse cultivation, with the installation of the J501 table. This project was executed in collaboration with our trusted partner, Structurasol S.L., and the benefits are nothing short of remarkable.

The Project: A Fusion of Expertise

When Semilleros El Mirador sought to optimize their 22,000-square-meter greenhouse facility, they turned to JAYFER Technology, experts in greenhouse table design and manufacturing. The project aimed to install J501 tables that would deliver a range of benefits, including optimized space utilization, labor efficiency, time savings, labor savings, and enhanced comfort for workers.

Benefits of the J501 Cultivation Table

The installation of the J501 table brought about a multitude of advantages for Semilleros El Mirador:

  1. Optimized Space Utilization: The J501 table was meticulously designed to make the best use of available space. This optimization allowed Semilleros El Mirador to maximize crop cultivation within their 22,000-square-meter facility.

  2. Time Savings: Thanks to the innovative features of the J501 table, tasks like spreading and crop harvesting were significantly expedited. This meant shorter turnaround times and more effective crop management.

  3. Labor Savings: Reduced manual labor requirements meant that Semilleros El Mirador could allocate their workforce more efficiently, cutting down on labor costs while maintaining high productivity levels.

  4. Comfortability: The J501 table's ergonomic design significantly improved working conditions, ensuring that the staff could carry out their tasks with ease and reduced physical strain.

Project Execution by Structurasol S.L.

The installation of the J501 table project was entrusted to our partner, Structurasol S.L. Their skilled team ensured a seamless integration within the existing greenhouse infrastructure, minimizing downtime and enabling Semilleros El Mirador to continue their operations without disruption.


The collaboration between Semilleros El Mirador, JAYFER, and Structurasol S.L. is a prime example of the transformational power of innovation and expertise. By choosing JAYFER's J501 tables and entrusting the installation to Structurasol S.L., Semilleros El Mirador has not only optimized their greenhouse cultivation but has also achieved increased crop yield, cost savings, and improved worker satisfaction.

This project underscores the pivotal role that innovation plays in the agriculture sector. By embracing advanced solutions and relying on trusted partners, companies like Semilleros El Mirador are not only staying competitive but also leading the way towards a more sustainable and efficient future in greenhouse cultivation. The J501 table installation stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when industry expertise and collaboration meet the evolving needs of modern agriculture. Grow Your Business With Us.


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