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Revolutionizing Greenhouse Expansion: A Success Story. Semilleros Los Crespos.

Successful completion of an innovative project at Semilleros Los Crespos, where a 12,000-square-meter seedling nursery now thrives, designed for 5 million plants and Poinsettia cultivation. This expansion project redefines construction standards, emphasizing maximum space utilization for seedling trays. In particular, JAYFER's custom cultivation tables and a state-of-the-art greenhouse by partner Novagric contribute to worker comfort, injury prevention, and efficient, uniform plant growth.

At JAYFER, we're excited to share the successful completion of a remarkable project – the expansion of our client Semilleros Los Crespos' seedling nursery, covering a vast expanse of 12,000 square meters ith a capacity for 5 million plants that can also be used for growing Poinsettia.. This project stands out with its uncommon construction standards, aimed at maximizing available space to accommodate a larger number of seedling trays. Our primary goals were resource optimization and space maximization, and we are thrilled to report that they were achieved with excellence. One of the standout features of this expansion is the custom adaptation of JAYFER cultivation tables to fit the exact dimensions of our customer. The quality of materials and manufacturing standards we adhered to are nothing short of excellent. These tables have multiple advantages that go beyond space efficiency. They greatly enhance worker comfort, minimize the risk of injuries, expedite the planting and harvesting process, and maintain a level surface, ensuring uniform plant growth.

In conjunction with this remarkable expansion, our partner Novagric spearheaded the construction of the greenhouse. The collaboration between our teams was crucial in ensuring the highest quality of facilities, combining innovation and expertise to create a cutting-edge environment for seedling production.

To provide you with an even more immersive experience of the success of this project, you can watch a video about our client's facilities carried out by Novagric at the following link. In the video, Santiago Olivares, Agricultural Technical Engineer at Semillero Los Crespos, shares insights about the installations, stating, "Our team loves working in these facilities because, with the Jayfer J501 Rail System, extending trays is much smoother and more comfortable."

This project embodies our commitment to redefining the standards of agricultural infrastructure. It's a testament to our dedication to creating efficient, sustainable, and worker-friendly spaces for the cultivation of healthy and robust crops. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards a greener, more productive future!


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