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Grand Opening of Campoejido's New Facilities: Innovation in Organic Farming with Rail JAYFER J501

The Councilor of Agriculture of Andalusia, Carmen Crespo Díaz, along with government officials and the president of Campoejido, Cristobal, have inaugurated the new facilities of the cooperative in the municipality of Dalías. The expansion of 3 hectares doubles the production capacity and utilizes the most advanced technology to remain a national reference in organic farming.

Advanced Technology in the New Facilities

The technology used in Campoejido's new facilities is the most advanced in the market, allowing the cooperative to improve the quality of its products, reduce costs, and increase efficiency in cultivation.

Rail JAYFER J501 is the cultivation table used by our client for their new facilities. Thanks to its innovative design, it will enable greater resource efficiency and promote a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly production. Additionally, among other benefits, it will help reduce production costs, prevent soil pests, and minimize injuries, enhancing Campoejido's competitiveness in the sector.

Commitment to Organic Farming

Organic farming is one of the key identities of Campoejido, dedicating one-third of its facilities to this type of production. The cooperative embraces a model of sustainable and environmentally-responsible agriculture, which allows for the production of high-quality products with a lower environmental impact.

As stated by the Minister of Agriculture, Carmen Crespo: "Campoejido now has the installation of the future."


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